Pop Slots Rewards and Loyalty Points- Explained!

Pop Slots Rewards and Loyalty Points

Pop Slots Rewards

This Pop Slots guide will provide you complete details regarding its rewards and loyalty points. We’ll tell you how you can double your rewards and loyalty points easily. Get to know about Pop Slots tips and tricks with us.

What is Pop Slots?

Pop Slots Rewards and Loyalty Points

Pop Slots is an online casino game that is designed by the famous myVEGAS Slots and myKONAMi Slots. The game is known for providing the virtual feel of real Casinos of Las Vegas. You can even play with friends. Pop Slots is a free-to-play game and is available on both major platforms i.e Android and iOS.

The game lets you earn VIP Status by playing more and more Slot machine games available in Pop Slots.

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How you can earn Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points in Pop Slots are earned by playing the game. All your points are synced b/w all myVEGAS developed games, which makes the Pop Slots Loyalty Points very valuable in the games. These Loyalty Points are a golden coin with a V on them. To earn regular Loyalty Points for Pop Slots you need to spin the wheel daily. When your spins get full you start earning a fixed amount of points. At max, only 150 Loyalty points can be earned using this method. So don’t forget to get your 150 LP daily.

Why you should Play Pop Slots?

  • WSOP is a free-to-play game.
  • Redeem Mega Jackpot Bonus daily.
  • Pop Slots adds top-class slot machines on a regular basis so that you never get bored playing the same slot machines every day.
  • No-Deposit Free Play

What to do with Loyalty Points?

These Loyalty Points are used to redeem Pop Slots rewards such as free chips. Once you collected your Loyalty points, the next step is to redeem those points. Each Casino has its own rewards. There are two types of rewards; Premium Rewards, and Non-Premium Rewards

Premium Rewards

While redeeming the rewards from the list, the premium rewards are listed or marked as Premium Rewards. In the game “COMPS” are considered as Premium Rewards.

Non-Premium Rewards

All rewards by MGM are non-premium rewards. So claim them before others do.

Pop Slots in-games

  • MGM Grand Mega Star
  • Emeraid
  • Frontier Fortune
  • Race of OZ

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